Went to motorshow yesterday. I got lost again on my way there, losing precious time. I really hate it when I got lost on the road whenever I'm attending some event. Well back to topic, yesterday was the 1st time I went to a motorshow. Many people, many cars but not many nice looking babes and sports cars or even cars with nice decal around. A little disappointed. I was expecting lots of good-looking babes and nice cool cars to be exhibit.

Main attraction were of cos ferraris and lamborghinis. There's one lamborghinis car that will change colour according to whatever light was shining on it. Damn nice man. There's also one cute little car make in japan. Its only 2 seater and I think it's less than 1.6 L car. Its suitable for a lady to drive around. I still think subaru sport car in blue colour is nicer with all the decal around it.  There's this black car though family one, was nice too cos of the cool decal it has.

Beside cars, it also showcase vans, lorry and motorbikes. I really like scramble. Maybe I saw too much x-game, haha~~ Got mini-scramble for kids too. So kawaii~ But compared to cars, there's really nothing much to look at in the motorbikes section.

Overall, I feel its a car exhibition where all the car brands/make gathered at one place to sell their normal looking-on-the road car to customers. So is it worth to buy their ticket at $10 when I do not have plan to get a new one?